We are taking a break in 2024. Jann and Lukas are in America's Cup Youth teams and CJ is with SailGP!

The champion youth sailing team with a heart for our ocean.

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CJ Perez

Role: Helm

Country: Hawaii, USA

Age: 19

Born and raised on Oahu,Hawaii, CJ Perez began sailing when she was 13 years old. She has a competitive spirit and fast growth rate, snatching an Open Skiff World and North American Championship title within her first 3 years in the sport. Foil sailing in the WASZP class, she recently won the 2021 US National Championships.

CJ is the youngest person ever to join the SailGP league. She represents the United States SailGP Team.

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Lukas Hesse

Role: Main Trim

Country: Germany

Age: 24

Lukas is a professional sailor in high-performance boats and German Champion 2020. He is currently training for the 69F Youth Foiling Gold Cup and the WASZP Worlds. As an Opti sailor, Lukas achieved 7th in the Worlds in 2013 and was awarded Second Best Nation. He then graduated to 29er boats, taking part in the World Sailing Youth Worlds in New Zealand. In 2017, he started a four-year campaign for the Olympic Games in the 49er, but tried foiling and became absolutely hooked.

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Jann Schüpbach

Role: Flight Controls

Country: Switzerland

Age: 22

From a very young age, Jann was sailing a small family boat in the Swiss Alps. He soon took over the helm and began sailing competitively in the Optimist class. After a successful time in the Opti and several national and international podiums, Jann continued his sailing path in the 420 Dinghy, as Crew. He is currently training in the WASZP, preparing for the European and World Championships, alongside our 69F Youth Foiling Gold Cup 2022 campaign.

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Three champion sailors, at the highest standard of foiling, on a mission for cleaner seas.

It’s important that we
protect our oceans so future generations can enjoy the water as much as we have.

CJ Perez

Sailing for a cause as
great as the health of our oceans, with Clean Sailors, is awesome and motivates me even more to push the limits.

Lukas Hesse

Every sailor can make a contribution to a cleaner, healthier ocean - be it a weekend sailor at a local club, a family holiday cruising sailor, or a professional Olympian.

Jann Schüpbach

Meet the Persico 69F boat.

The Persico 69F is a unique one-design dinghy built by renowned shipyard, Persico Marine in Italy.

The boat is 6.90 m long, 2.1 m wide (3.58 m rack to rack), and has a 1.70 m draught.

It's capable of 18-20 knots boat speed upwind and up to 35 knots downwind. That's fast.

With three champion sailors in it, well - expect fireworks.

About the 69F Youth Foiling Gold Cup.

The Youth Foiling Gold Cup is an international youth circuit for under 25’s.

Teams racing on 6 shared boats in locations across Europe and the USA.

Four Act's, plus a Grand Final event.

Inspiring a generation of sailors. For our oceans, for our seas.